Icco Pizza London

Icco Pizza London

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Pizzeria in London - Fitzrovia
46 Goodge Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4LU
+44 (0) 20 7580 9688

Icco Pizza is located on Goodge street and serves mainly to the numerous local students and office workers.
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Icco Pizza London Reviews

Rude Staff - Aska - Incredibly rude and arrogant staff. A woman called Aska served me. Instead of asking what else I wanted, she gestured with hand to hurry me along and claimed I through my money at her. Waited about 10 to 15 minutes for my pizza. It started to rain, so my colleague and I decided to sit outside with our takeaway pizza while waiting out the rain. Low and behold, Aska comesby to bus our table (there were two plates with uneaten portions of pizza on them the whole time) and tells us that we have to pay an extra 50p because we decided to sit down. Ridiculous.

Terrible experience. I don't care if their pizza is good. I won't go there again as long as this horrible woman still works there.  
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The best Pizza outside of Naples!!! - I'm an Italian from Naples (the home of Pizza) and i was astonished at how good the Pizza is at ICCO. Never ever going to eat Pizza anywhere else!!! The place isn't like other London restuarants, the chairs & tables are poor quality, but very similar to how Pizza places are in Naples. My only problem with the place is the fact they serve Hawaiian Pizza which is a complete no-no.

I've been about 6 times and the average waiting time has been 3 mins (always packed out). If you go late at night the sandwiches are available at knocked down prices, not like other sandwich shops which chuck out perfectly good food.  

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...and i still love ICCO - It was my regular haunt back in the uni days, when I lived a few doors away in my halls of residence.
Of course, back then it was referred to as 'the £3 pizza place'. But of course, it couldn't stay that way forever, so now it's more like 'the £4 pizza place'. *gasp*

Years on and I will still happily pay this bright and honest restaurant/canteen a late evening visit, after a few drinks in the area.

You can't go wrong. If you want some quick, filling and tasty (when you're a little tipsy, it's all delicious anyway) grub, ICCo is the place to go.

They don't pretend to be something they're not. It's simple: pay your price (from £3.50 - £6ish), take a seat, wait for your name to be called, go and pick up your pizza, add oil and seasoning if desired, devour and go home.
Don't expect the freshest artichokes or the best flavours but do expect to leave smiling and with enough change left to do it all over again the next night! :)

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Cheap n crazy, but in a good way - Not the sort of place that you could go lots and lots, but good for a *treat* every now and then. You order one of about 8 pizzas priced between £4 and £5 then sit down and wait for your name to be called over the loudspeaker – good luck with recognizing it! Although it's a fun game to try and guess what name they are calling.

The pizzas themselves are nothing special, thin bases, lots of cheese (mmm cheese grease) but for £4 you can’t go wrong. The only thing I would say is that they are too big (please Mr. Icco do a smaller size). I have that weird condition where I have to finish everything on my plate – after half a pizza I am full, but I soldier on and then feel a bit weird for the rest of the day.

It’s tough to get a table at lunch, but it is quite quick turnaround so you usually don’t have to wait long. I think they do take away too.

I want to give this place a 3.5, but I'm going to round it down to because it's not amazing enough to rate 4.

Ps. they do nice smoothies for my fellow enemies of sweeteners
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Rating  3

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Excellent Pizza, - Icco Pizza serves some of the best pizza you can get in London and for a prices you wont believe.

Located only five minutes from Goodge Street tube station, Icco is surrounded by student campuses and as a result can server you a Margarita Pizza for under £4.

Its not sophisticated or a particularly relaxed atmosphere but the pizza is authentic and makes you realise just how ripped off we are in London, which is funny in this case, as only 2 minutes walk away are some of London's most exclusive "restaurants" which will server you an identical pizza for 3 times the price.  
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Rating  4

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