London Review Bookshop Cafe London

London Review Bookshop Cafe London

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Coffee & Tea in London - Camden
14 Bury Place, Camden, London, WC1A 2JL
020 72699045

Bright and quaint this is the kind of cafe you wander into and stay for a few hours. Part of the London Review of Books Bookshop near the British Museum the place attracts tourists and literati alike. Buy the London Review of Books or one of the featured books in the shop and sample some of the delicious cakes and wide range of teas on offer in the cafe.
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London Review Bookshop Cafe London Reviews

This place is special... - I go here at least two or three times a week for coffee, served with a tasty little cookie, and always feel a little upset to leave. I think there are only two women who work there and they run it as if you were coming into their cosy and clean sitting room, they are attentive and creative about the few lunch options they provide. I've overheard them talking for ten minutes about what kind of baguette to feature the next day, which means you get unusual couplings - today it was salami, artichoke hearts, peppers and rocket. A little anecdote about their service; I'm not sure if it is due to being an American or from having worked in cafes and as a waitress before but you do notice the lack of quality service, the smile-smile-smile and the customer-is-always-right kind of thing, sp this place strikes me as a little out of the ordinary in London. Right, here's the story: I came into the cafe this afternoon with some change and was counting it as I came in assessing whether I had enough for a cake (I went for the poppyseed and lemon, but the blueberry cake was a top contender) and a tea or just for the cake (notice the order of importance) and the proprietress, i wish i knew her name, said not to worry that even if I didn't have enough they would work something out so that I had my cake and tea! I know what you're thinking-that was nice of her, but it gets better. When she brought me my tea - 'whole rosebud black china' she brought two pots, one with the loose tea with the real rosebuds floating in it and the other with extra hot water. Now I don't know about you, but I thought that extra tea pot was pretty thoughtful as most places just want you in and out and wouldn't actively encourage you to sit for hours and chill out in the middle of the city. The only doubt I have in posting this tip is that this great haven, literary enclave will become so popular with similar minded people in search of that illusive second pot of tea, that I won't be able to get a seat on my lunch hours anymore...but I think the place deserves kudos...  
Tags: books, cake, coffee, sandwich, tea


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