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Clothes & Fashion in London - Bethnal Green
274 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 0AG
+44 (0) 20 7739 6142

Mahir London is retail high street store selling Indian clothing, salwar kameez, sari, saree, kurta, Ghagra choli , Indian attire and plus size.
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Hi there, this is a review for the Indian fashion shop called Mahir.

I bought a pair of lengha dress that fell apart in a few weeks. The stitching fell and was loose after such a short time maybe 2 weeks, this was after i wore it 3 times!!! I went to the shop in Green Street and talked to a Manager called Mr Kamal and explained to him that i onlyu wore this dress 3 times and the stitching came apart. He started arguing with me in front of other customers and was VERY aggressive and rude to me.

The customer service i received from Mr Kamal was very bad. I explained that that this was a faulty product and by BRITISH LAW i should get a refund, he said his policy is not to give a cash refund, but a credit note. The shop is breaking the law and REFUSES to admit it. I must say i was upset and angry at the treatment i received and would advise all customers to ask about the refund policy of Mahir Green Street.

Really poor quality products and especially poor policies on returns.

You can't return anything bought from a store for a cash refund, Not worth the price

Tina Patel  

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Dont Shop Here!!!!! - This store is well known for exploiting workers. The manager at Mahir London has been employing illegal immigrants from Bangladesh for the last 15 years.


You really have to ask yourself are you HAPPY supporting a business which exploits illegal immigrants????Customers that buy from here thinking its cheap should keep in mind that it is cheap for a reason..... they employ illegals.

The business has been making money for years with its dodgy tactics for at least 15 years

The manager mainly employs young Bangladeshi women that are actually in the country illegaly by using false documents.

So i will ask customers not to buy from here and buy somewhere else like rupali.

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disappointing service - i went in last week to buy a dress the lady said it was £120 but she will do it for £75 i said i will think about it, this is the store in green st im talking about, so i came back home decided i will go this comming weekend to buy it, once i had thought about i decided to go back to buy it,once i got to the shop they start denying that they ever mentioned that they will give it to me for £75 so they said there last price on the suit would be £90, and i had to end up buying it for that amount, they said no refund or exchange on the product, i would never shop again from there and i will look into how there refund policy works as im sure there must be some sort of regulator as im now not happy with the way i was handdled.  
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Don't try to get a refund or exchan - Don't try to refund/exchange anything at Mahir London without an argument with the manager.

You you will get a flat out NO!!

I wanted to get a refund for a shalwar kameez that was clearly faulty and had not been sewn properly in the factory.

It was clear that the item was faulty and Mustafa the manager, tried to argue with me that a refund will not be given as i had done it ??? Hey???? The item was packaged and sealed and there was no thread on some parts of the otem

Yet he was breaking the law and not offering a refund for faulty items.

Also when you visit the shop be VERY WARY as many items do not have prices advertised as required by British Law, the manager had no idea about consumer rights and had a very bad attitude. Staff are not very helpful and dont speak english and only speak benglali which is not very helpful

I will never shop at Mahir London again and I suggest we all boycott that store untill they change their terrible policies and business practices.

Avoid it everyone, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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Really bad service & returns policy - I brought a few sarees from Mahir London in Green Street, they were really helpful when I was buying. I said ine saree is a gift and I wasn't sure if I should buy it but they said if my sister doesn't like the saree, then I can return it within two weeks as long as the saree is in the original condition and I have the receipt. When I took it back the manager refused to give me a refund or a credit note, he refused to even admit he gave me such advice in the beginning, i was disgusted and utterly shocked. As I live in Birmingham and I only came to visit family for a few weeks, I had to return home and havenever been able to action my complaint. I advise people not to buy from this company. If I had free time on my hands and lived closer, I would definetly taken legal action!  

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Quality was poor - Be careful about purchasing the product and be more informed about knowing your options if you wish to return the item. I was deeply disappointed with the lack of customer service and how they were very unhelpful. The clothing falls apart. There are much better stores out there and I would be more then happy to pay for more without the slack workmanship and a poor return policy. Typical failing customer service story when a company becomes bigger then they can handle.  

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Asian Dress - Yesterday I bought 2 panjabi from Mahir London. I am so happy that both are very nice quality with low price. I am highly recommended to any one. I will visit mahir again & again.  

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Mahir London in Green Street - I bought from their Green Street Branch and have concluded

Bad Quality Products
Rude Staff
Bad Customer Service
No Returns Policy Advertised even though the company has been running for 9 years in London  
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Avoid The Mahir London Shop - This review is for the retail shop called Mahir London. They sell Indian Clothes such as Sarees, Shalwar Kameez, Necklaces etc.
They have quite a few shops mostly in London and the Southeast. Their main shops are in Forest Gate E7, Bethnal Green E2 and Whitechapel E3.

I had the unfortunate experience of shopping in Mahir London in Bethnal Green.

One of the odd things in this shop is that the majority of items do not have their price advertised and you have to ask the staff about the price. This tended to get quite tiresome and boring asking the assistant.
I also noticed that a customer was bargaining and arguing with the manager over the price of a product whether it was fixed or not. This could all have been avoided if Mahir London simply advertised the price on each product like a normal retail shop. Also the receipt was not a formal company receipt, just a bit of paper with the item name, price and initials.

I bought 3 items there in the last week on 02/12/2007 and two items were faulty.
I was told by the manager before paying that i can change my items within one week if i change my mind, this was because they had no proper changing room.

I bought the following 3 items:

1. A packet of Henna. This item was OK but the instructions were in Urdu so could not understand how to put on.

2.Baby pink Ladies Shalwar Kameez. This item was faulty.
Took it home and found out that 2 pins on the back were damaged and this was clearly a manufaturing fault, i decided to take this back.

3. A Ladies islamic scarf. This was faulty.
Again found that that print on the material had actually faded, this was odd as it was brand new and should not be faded.

So i decided to go into the shop in Bethnal Green and decided that i would politely ask for a refund for my 2 faulty items.

I asked the assistant and she had very poor broken english, so she reffered me to the shop manager. The manager came and i showed him my faulty items. He straight away said that there would be no refund.
I pointed out to him that under the supply of goods act 1994, that he must provide me with a refund as the item was faulty. When i told him about this law and he was puzzled and said he had never heard of the supply of goods act. I was shocked! He said he has worked there about 9 years and had never heard of this law.
He then walked away and said he cannot deal with me now as he is busy and i should wait.

I then waited for 10 minutes while he left the shop for something, i was quite annoyed to see him come back sipping coffee!. He then said that to me that he has already spoken to me and will not give me a refund as the goods were perfect at the time of sale. I clearly said that this was done at the mnufacturers.

We then argued for about 10 minutes, with no resolution. I then gave up and said i will speak to solicitors about this. He said ok.
So i wasted alot of time trying to get a refund and had lost 65 pounds as the goods were still faulty.

So this is a warning to people that they should avoid Mahir London at all costs

I'm writing this to warn people not to shop in Mahir London as if you have a problem you could well end up out of pocket!!

They have the worst customer service staff in retail you almost over look bad service (especially in london) when you intend on purchasing items as rude, unhelpful staff appear to be the norm.

They have no visible returns policy displayed in store. No exchange, refund policy is advertised in the store so unless your item is damaged at the time of sale (which is unlikely) you will end up with bags of excuses why you can not refund/exchange the item etc.
The service in Bethnal Green is shockingly bad, the staff lack any motivation, ambition or have any common sense at all and do not speak English well.
The manager told me "Look at this item, how do you expect me to sell this shoe to another customer when you have worn it" When I told him that the kameez and scarf was faulty and it shouldn't be sold to another customer, he merely tutted and shrugged his shoulders.

Mahir London will take your money quickly if you let them, and then refuse to offer you any kind of return/service if the shoe is faulty.

Go elsewhere if you require any Indian Clothing and accessories etc.

So My advice to everyone avoid this shop at all times and make sure you check your item properly at the till before buying as their simply is no refund if things go wrong or are faulty.

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