Persepolis London

Persepolis London

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Delicatessen in London - Peckham
30 Peckham High Street, Peckham, London, SE15 5DP
+44 (0) 20 7639 8007

Persepolis London is a delicatessen providing services locally who offers cheeses, pies and cold meats. Persepolis delicatessen’s phone number is +44 (0) 20 7639 8007.
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Persepolis London Reviews

Persia in Peckham. - Entering Persepolis is like opening the door on an Aladdin’s cave - you are greeted with bright colours, floor to ceiling excitement, exotic ingredients crammed into every nook and cranny. Intoxicating smells waft across from the huge selection of sweets and baklava in the window display.

I spied some smoked sturgeon minding their own business in a quiet corner. The shopkeeper explained that this Iranian delicacy is traditionally eaten at New Year, fried or steamed and served with herbed rice (usually dill). Apparently it is delicious but is incredibly salty, so you therefore only need a very small piece.

The shelves here are absolutely jam packed with all manner of spices, herbs and exciting jars of undiscovered foodstuffs. There are dried fruits, including sour cherries (SO delicious), sour orange peel, figs, limes and seeds, including roasted and salted and black melon seeds, which I shall be rushing back to get my grubby little mitts on (visiting the day before pay day, perhaps not the best idea….).

I also want to stock up on some of the exotic teas, along with dried flowers - chamomile flowers, rose buds and ‘green flowers’.Time to start working out what to do with them!

You can also buy all manner of legumes, lentils, dried herbs (sabzi) and mixes for falafels, pasta for ash-e-reshteh (a kind of soup) and reshteh polo (Iranian noodles).

Food isn’t the only reason to visit Persepolis though, you can find tagines, rugs, hookahs, tea sets, books, ‘I love Peckham’ stickers, shoppers, t-shirts and even greeting cards. Yes, greetings cards, specially commissioned with a unique Peckham stamp.

This is what makes Persepolis special, not only do the owners keep their shelves stocked with the most dizzying array of ingredients, they are a true local shop. The owner, Sally is a passionate and active member of the Peckham community, hosting story-telling evenings, promoting local events and artists and even producing a newsletter to keep us up to date on the whole lot. Yes, Peckham has its problems but Sally does what many others don’t and that is highlight the positives. The community is a proud, diverse and vibrant one and Persepolis is right at the heart of it.  
Tags: iranian, persian

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