Fresh & Wild

69-75 Brewer Street
London W1F 9TR
+44 (0) 20 7434 3179

Fresh & Wild sell a vast selection of organic products such as fruit and vegetables, baked breads, wines and gourmet groceries. They also sell natural remedies to cure hayfever and colds, and provide a strong informative service about their range. If you are thirsty, try their coffee or organic juices. Families are warmly welcomed and catered for and they are also licensed to serve alcohol. A home delivery service to over 40 postal areas in London is also available.

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4.0 out of 5.0

Based on 2 reviews

  • Neighbourhood: Soho
  • Type: Health Foods
  • Keywords: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh food counter, herbal remedies, grocery, organic, lunch, cafe, Coffee, breakfast, healthy
  • Nearest Transport: Piccadilly Circus (0.13 mi), Leicester Square (0.3 mi), Oxford Circus (0.32 mi)
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October 12, 2010

Been getting the Chef’s special lunch 2-3 days a week since I started working in Soho a few months back. It’s one protein and two veg for £6.49. A bit spendy perhaps, but my wife says you shouldn’t pinch pennies on healthy eating. I typically go for Malaysian chicken or Teriyaki salmon for the meat; a fancy grain dish like millet, farro, or quinoa; and a veg like beetroot or broccoli. Get some!

Keywords: organic, healthy, lunch

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March 14, 2008

No matter how much I want to avoid going here because they are expensive and they do keep raising their prices, I am addicted. Something about the 100% organic, colourful, seasonal and fresh food that they have to offer is so tempting that even when I don’t need anything, I still end up impulse buying (hoping my husband doesn’t read this one). It doesn’t help that it’s attached to my gym.

This SOHO store is small and caters more to the business worker who want coffee or smoothie, healthy breakfast or lunch and to also pick up a few things for home. They have fresh hot or cold lunch food such as grilled chicken or salmon skewers; a dozen different types of salads; and usually a hot meat or veggie dish with rice and veggies on offer for around £5 that makes my mouth water. They also have massive salad bar with every seasonal ingredient from grilled salmon to roasted butternut squash to humous and mung beans. Caution: They weigh the salads. I’ve accidentally come out with a £10 salad. You can pair a salad with one of their daily soups and homemade bread which are always tasty. And what I really like is they showcase the ingredients of everything so you know exactly how healthy the dish is.

Upstairs is the small grocery store and well-being area. It’s a great place to get some unique items like seaweed or 100% pure pomegranate juice or spelt flour or different kinds of nuts and seeds or cookies without sugar (usually carob of applesauce) or organic/free-range meats. I especially love the Nan’s Wheat Free/No Refined Sugar Oatmeal Cookies. They also sell every kind of vitamin and mineral as well as different brands of skincare like REN, Dr Hauschka and Trilogy.

The staff aren’t that friendly but it is a grocery store so expected. Even with the 15% price increase recently I can’t seem to keep away. I guess when they’re the only one’s around (my local Sainsbury’s just isn’t as tempting in the organic section) I have no choice.

Keywords: organic, grocery, health foods, lunch, breakfast, coffee, cafe

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