Caz Bar

Union Street
Stratford-Upon-Avon CV37 6QT
+44 (0) 1789 290050

3.0 out of 5.0

Based on 5 reviews

  • Neighbourhood: Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Type: Dance Clubs
  • Keywords: atm cashpoint, available for hire, bar
  • Nearest Transport: Stratford Upon Avon (0.37 mi), Wilmcote (2.75 mi), Bearley (4.0 mi)
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September 04, 2011

Recently visited the Caz Bar and found the club to be extremely friendly and welcoming. Had a great evening and found the staff from the door staff to the bar staff to the girls all to be very friendly. I would recommend visiting the Caz Bar and whilst this was my first visit i know it wont be my last.

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July 22, 2011

Five pounds door fee. Different themes and events happen here. The crowd who visit here are of all ages. It has quite a unique layout because it’s underground, has no stage shows, It used to be a pub called The Cask And Bottle and a live music venue. Now it’s even more comfortable.
I have been going to the Caz Bar a several times a year since 2007. Strippers may ask you for a ’’noughty40’’. you can be asked to pay upto hundreds of pounds for longer sexual encounters with them in the dimly lit booths. The more you go in here the better it gets but I don’t think their is any wheelchair access.
The women are always a mixture or races and bra sizes. Sometimes can’t help themselves touching you up or ask you for crazy money. The Caz Bar is apparently open 7 days a week and normally gets busy after 11pm.
With regards to the bouncers I think that if you are really drunk and do stupid things such as spilling drinks or acting stupid then things will get known to them almost straight away. This probably comes from the entertainers or bar staff via the hidden DJ. I have never seen the bouncers over the top or aggressive thou. Their is always a ‘lucky lucky man’ in the mens’ toilet.
Drinks are the same price as most clubs in the big towns and citys (except Blackpool & London). Their is a excellent selection of drinks especially the bottled drinks. You may even be offered champagne on cheap, at random, by a member of floor staff. The mirrored VIP booth and champagne are probably designed to go hand-in-hand.

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May 20, 2011

When I first went to the Caz Bar about 3 months ago I thought it was quite a good late night bar although the drinks are ridiculously expensive.
However I have now changed my mind as on at least 3 occasions I have witnessed the eastern european bouncers beat up several people quite badly. The first time I thought maybe the guy that was being beaten had started it however I am sure the other two did not start anything as I happened to be quite near to them when the bouncer came over and thumped them without warning.
I have decided never to go again after what I saw and I would advise anyone thinking of going to this establishment to think again. These people are a law unto themselves and beat up people for fun.

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August 12, 2009

having know and worked for the owners for 15 years on and off i am offended by your comments

i have never been treated unfairly and hold the owners in the highest regaurd they have worked hard for what they have achived and the close knit staff around them is more like an exstended family

as for security if you really have been into the CAZ BAR you will know there is high security for the entire club and all dancers, bar staff, doormen and managers look out for each other

i am glad you have taken your business else where i am sure you will get lots of female attention at the one elm or BRB

its just a shame you couldnt talk to someone at the CAZ BAR about your concerns but then again you have not even put a real name on here and not commented on any other wonderful places you have been !!!!!

by the way if you do venture back to the club i work most days just ask for me might even buy you a drink !!!!!

p.s the map is also wrong the caz bar is on the corner of union street !!!!

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January 08, 2009

Firstly I must make clear that I am not against these types of bars. Infact I have even frequented this particular establishment myself (what can I say - I'm a young, single, straight male!).
But I've recently heard horrible rumours about this place, the way the female dancers are treated, the lack of security for them and the customers and some dodgy dealings amongst the owners of the business.

I've since taken my custom elsewhere and I'm not the only one.

(Try BRB opposite or The One Elm further up the road).

Keywords: Dodgy, One Elm, rumours

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