Addison Lee

35 - 37 William Road
London NW1 3ER
+44 (0) 20 7387 8888

London's largest minicab, courier, chauffeur and coach company. Their vehicles cover all areas within the M25 and all London airports. Addison Lee is climate conscious. They offset the carbon emissions for every journey taken in their vehicles. All their vehicles are tracked using the latest GPS technology and a unique computer allocation system.

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3.5 out of 5.0

Based on 6 reviews

  • Neighbourhood: Regent's Park
  • Type: Taxis & Private Hire
  • Keywords: taxi
  • Nearest Transport: Euston Square (0.16 mi), Warren Street (0.17 mi), Great Portland Street (0.26 mi)
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September 24, 2008

seems to me that a couple of the reviewers here must be employees or related to the owner!!
i have had a couple of bad experiences with addisons lee and their appologies seemed half hearted at best. i was leaving work on morning at 4:30 and i wanted to get home to bermondsey a bit sharpish as i had been in the office all night working. i phoned addison lee and they said it would be there within 5-10 minutes, they asked if i would like a call back and i declined and said i would lock the office and wait outside on the corner of charlotte street. 5 minutes later a mpv turned up but he said that he would have to get them to send a car because i was just one person and he had to go somewhere else to pick up an account customer, i said ok and waited for another 15 minutes and still nothing, i tried to phone them on my mobile but i got no answer at all and my battery started to die so i went back into the office to phone them again, i got through this time and they said it was on its way, 45 minutes later i was still waiting, igave up on them and phoned a firm in soho, they turned up and the driver turned up within 5 minutes, he was in a shabby car and he really needed some lessons in personal hygiene, but i got home. albiet it 2 hours and 15 minutes after i called addison lee

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September 05, 2008

Is it possible to rank these people a zero? I've never had such an awful customer service experience in my life. After moving to London from the USA earlier this year, we booked Addison Lee several times with good results, and then it all fell apart. I was to be picked up July 26 at night at Heathrow, upon my return from the U.S.. I went to the appointed meeting place (the Hertz counter), and found no driver. There was another Addison Lee driver there waiting for another customer. Luckily, he took pity on me, as neither of my mobile phones were working. He helped me phone my husband, and he then spent about 20 minutes on the phone with various Addison Lee contacts, locating my driver. Meanwhile, his own client (whose name I remember, as it's the same as a now-deceased former U.S. president) showed up with his wife, and said that they had seen another driver halfway across the terminal. The other clients were also quite kind, and the wife actually started across the terminal to find the other driver. The other driver then showed up (after I had been waiting some 40 minutes), apologising profusely, saying that he had just started working for Addison Lee that week, and wasn't aware of the pickup point. I chose not to report the incident to Addison Lee at the time, thinking first that they should've been aware of it based on the other driver's multiple phone calls, and secondly not wanting to get my driver into trouble with his new employer. Boy, do I regret that decision now. Some weeks later, my husband finds mysterious charges from Addison Lee on our credit card bill. Some are subsequently explained, but there is one charge that we are told is for WAITING TIME for this driver! We explained, first by e-mail and then by phone to a customer service rep the string of events. She insists that my driver claims that he was at the Hertz counter the entire time, and that they choose to "stand behind their employees." I then point out that she could prove that I am not lying by (a) speaking with the other driver, (b) checking his mobile phone records (which include both a phone call to my house and multiple calls to Addison Lee) and/or (c) speaking with the other customer who surely remembers the situation. Both the customer service agent and her supervisor (who claims she's been in customer service for 10 years), refuse to do any of these things, preferring to implicitly accuse a customer of lying (for a GBP 8.00 charge!), lose our business and retain an employee who has repeatedly lied to them, rather than take care of a repeat customer who was on track to bring them at least hundreds of pounds of revenue per year. I've now been told that I can contact the Chairman, but that he doesn't have e-mail (!?) We choose not to waste our time further with this poorly run firm, and will dispute the unbelievably small charge with our credit card company, and happily take our rather larger amount of business elsewhere. To all who use this company, enjoy your free newspaper, but beware of the customer service team, and definitely report any issues immediately, as you will never be believed ex post facto! These people are the textbook example for how NOT to run a customer service operation!

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March 19, 2008

I love Addy Lee!

My reasons?

1) You can book online which eliminates the need to sit on hold with your local mini cab service.

2) The standard vans are all nice and clean. No longer do you have to deal with some driver's funk (ya know what i'm saying?).

3) Driver's are professional and courteous.

4) Equipped with GPS - no more getting lost and having to read the A-Z to some driver who hasn't a clue.

5) Prices are pretty fair - especially if you can figure out what your company's account number is (my little trick, book under someone else's department).

6) SMS when they arrive. Don't wait outside in the cold wondering where the car is.

So go and book yourself an Addy Lee today and breathe the nice clean fresh air on the bill of your employer.

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March 09, 2008

I am huge fan of London Black Cabs. If I am ever out in London at night on my own it is the only way I will travel home. But if you have a planned journey then Addison Lee is the ideal choice. An internet site makes it really easy to book a car in advance - and the experience is fast and efficient. The prices are about on par with a black cab but the cars are all a high standard, and whilst the drivers may not have the same 'knowledge' as London black cabbies, they do all have GPS instead.

Keywords: taxi, private hire car

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February 18, 2008

Addison Lee seems to be involved in anything to do with wheeled vehicles, from couriers and movers to cabs and even motorcycle cabs. I've used them before for early morning rides to the airport and they are quite professional, arriving a few minutes early and calling your mobile to let you know that they've arrived.
They seem to be pretty dominant in London, so you can usually count on being able to book a car, but at the same time because the operation is apparently so massive you need to get used to the rules and not expect them to cut you any breaks - there are fees for being late to the car for instance. I've also found that the drivers tend not to be as personable as many taxi drivers - although this may well be because at 6am nobody is terribly chatty...
Still, it's nice to be able to go door-to-door to the airport and having the payment billed to you helps for when you are arriving from international flights and are short on pounds.

Keywords: taxi, courier, moving, professional

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February 15, 2008

I'm a huge fan of Addison Lee, especially since they have implemented their online booking service. Now it couldn't be easier to order a taxi. Living in East Dulwich, black cabs are just much harder to come by, so Addison Lee is a saving grace.
The online booking service is also fantastic - you can save off your favourite locations to make repeat bookings super easy.
They also a lot of cabs waiting around the mainline train stations, so rather than pay the premium of a black cab, I prefer to get an Addy Lee to meet me.
Drivers are courteous and the cars are clean. In my experience, they have been on time 99.5% of the time.

Keywords: taxi

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