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141 Cranbrook Road
London IG1 4PU
+44 (0) 20 8553 1444

Founded in 1991, Exchange Property Services Ltd is one of the most experienced Agent in the Real Estate industry. Our commitment to providing the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction has long been regarded as second to none. The philosophy toward our clients has not changed over the years, and is reflected in our corporate motto: "A Commitment to Excellence at Every Level". This is more than just a slogan.

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2.5 out of 5.0

Based on 8 reviews

  • Neighbourhood: Ilford
  • Type: Letting Agents
  • Keywords: selling, letting, renting, mortgages, ilford
  • Nearest Transport: Ilford (0.23 mi), Gants Hill (1.02 mi), Seven Kings (1.03 mi)
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September 05, 2014

Had a very bad experience with XPS Lettings on Cranbrook Road,Ilford. Took a property on rent through them in August 2013 and when vacated the property in March 2014, they deducted half of the deposit amount for no proper reason. As I already moved outside the country so these people made me to do lot of email and telephonic follow-ups over 2 months and despite so many follow-ups they never gave the individual breakup of deposit deduction. They gave some stupid reaons as carpet cleaning and shampooing the cushion of a chair with no evidence of doing that. Though it was all clean as we stayed there for hardly 10 months.
Moreover the manage there, Mr. Abid didn’t even come on phone to talk to me whenever I called and agency people kept telling that he is busy, in meeting, will call back etc. As I have moved out of country so I couldn’t go to court to pursue this matter as these people were not even agreeing to take this issue through ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution).
I lost 378 pounds in the name of deposit deduction for just 10 months stay in the property with no justification of deducted amount. It was like take it or leave it.
So beware of this agency and spread the word that these are totally unreliable people and cheaters.
So always check the review and credibility of letting agency before going to them.

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December 13, 2010

I am a single mother and have been a Tenant with this agent for almost a year now. I can honestly say that I have had no issues, neither money related or otherwise, they have been on time and punctual and honest.
Everytime I had an issue with my accommodation they were on the ball, engineers arrived on time and without fuss.
I think all the comments below are from disgruntled customers that didnt get their way.
I used to work for an agent and believe you me Tenants who do not get their way and are not willing to compromise are the ones who end up crying.
Anyway GOOD LUCK Xchange. Best agent I have ever dealt with. I would and have recommended to others.

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September 09, 2010

Just finished writing a long email to this agency complaining about different things after finally getting my partial deposit back after almost 2 months of leaving the property.

I rented a property through this agency 2 years ago and i am not going to write here long stories about how i sent an email to get something fixed in the property and never received a response back, In my experience of 2 years following are my observations about this agency:-

1- Only thing they care about is Money

2- Only thing they care about is Money

3- Only thing they care about is Money

4- Sh**y service.

5- Far from being professional actually rude staff.

6- Hidden charges you never heard of, before moving in and after moving out you would be shocked how much you have paid in their different kinds of "FEE".

7- Every time you call to complain about something, they would make sure you feel guilty that you did that.

8- Last but not least THE worst agency till now i have rented a place through.

Hope you read this review along with the others before even thinking of visiting this agency.

Keywords: Xchange Property Services LTD 141 Cranbrook Road London IG1 4PU

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August 17, 2010

Was in this agency a couple of months ago and present during a heated discussion with agents and landlord. No idea of the names of the agents but one was very argumentative and kept interrupting and not letting him finish. I'd take my business elsewhere if I were that landlord. If thats how they treat their landlords - who pay them - then its no wonder they treat tenants like sh*te.

Seems its not only tenants who get the "speshul service". Its landlords as well.

I walked out and took my money elsewhere. There are loads of other agents along that road.

Civility costs nothing. Reckon I've had a lucky escape. The agents I went to found me a nice little flat and so far (touch wood) everythings OK.

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July 04, 2010

Have you ever been emotionally raped, abused, degraded and your dignity ripped apart in front of strangers- NO? - then please go to Xhange property services in Ilford and trust me all the above will come true for you.

Any time you visit their location you will find the owners arguing with a tenant who has been abused on the telephone, did not get their water/ electrcity/maintainence problem fixed despite weeks. The best part is blaming the person not in office- so if you speak to a woman who works there - she will go the manager is not there- a guy named ABID (who has written the only nice review about his own business on tipped.co.uk) and if you speak to Rafique ( another Manager- who manages nothing) he will say the girl is the manager and not in office- hope y'all get the drift.

And if you persist- the answer will be so rude and so crass and is such high pitch tone that you will worry for your safety- and it does not matter if you are a woman or man. MY wife Marianna took legal advise and was recommended to take an active taperecorder so if next time any of their staff members yell, scream or abuse we can press charges.

Please take your money elsewhere - there are lot of others who will respect you for your money and business.


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March 13, 2009

having used this agency now i can say that i would recommend them to others. they did ask for a lot of documents and ids.advance rent and deposit etc but that did not bother me as i was working full time and they wanted to do a full referncing check. Although the office looks a bit old,the staff in there are always very smartly dressed and are very professional, they did not let me move in until the gas safety certificate was ready and the energy performance certificate.the property was a little dirty when i saw it but they promised that they would get it cleaned and made ready for me move in date. and they did as they said. they did charge me for referncing and contract fee,but thats understandable, nothings free.

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May 14, 2008

this agency seems to be all about the colour of your money and not about service-to get you into a property-- granted they are a help but once they take a holding deposit you are kept hanging on a string and have to chase up yourself on everything.once that holding deposit is in you are held to ransom.

in one case a friend of mine was offered a assisted deposit scheme from the local council--the whole idea of this is so the council are paying your deposit to save the person needing a flat having one to find themselves--the council offer the deposit but yet the potential renting person has to find the deposit themselves after all-till the council coughs up the money
and pays the agency--the agents then are supposed to pay the person renting back the refund by cheque-thus the whole issue of having an assisted deposit is bypassed as you've to pay upfront to the agency.

it is really unacceptable--as for the previous review below @headed--good selection of properties" it has been written by a member of the agencys own staff so no wonder they are blowing their own trumpet about how good they are.surely this must be regarded as unethical under the national association of estate agents terms of practice which this agency is supposed to be a member of.be warned.

also they charge the extortionate fee of #58 for a credit check then another 58 for your guarantors
which in effect costs them #2 from experian credit reference agency.
as stated its a real lets see the colour of your cash agency

also despite paying their holding deposit the advert for the same flat was stuck in the shop window for two weeks
i believe they will try to re-let even after a bid is in.

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March 10, 2008

I have just moved to Ilford and did a great deal searching for properties during my search. I found the chaps at Xchange Properties to have a great deal of knowledge of Ilford along with a good selection of quality properties. Most agents as im sure your aware are only after your money, but these guys are the real deal, they do and say exactly what they promise. I would recomend them to everyone looking for properties to rent or buy in Ilford and the surrounding areas.

Keywords: renting, letting, selling, mortgages

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