Sexual Health Clinic

Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
London W6 8RF

Sexual Health Clinic being a part of Charing Cross Hospital offering HIV tests for free.

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  • Neighbourhood: Hammersmith
  • Type: Medical Centres
  • Keywords: hiv tests, sexual health clinic, charing cross hospital
  • Nearest Transport: Hammersmith (District) (0.35 mi), Hammersmith (Metropolitan) (0.48 mi), Barons Court (0.51 mi)
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October 07, 2008

Problems and hospitals are integral part of my life. A few days ago and I came to conclusion that I could be infected with HIV virus. I haven't found any signs and symptoms in my body but I live in London (which is European capital of the virus); I've met many strange people on my way, I've spent some time in hospitals and visited a few dodgy who knows? Maybe it's just my obsession? I know what you think...a degenerate. Well, I don't really care what you think- I'm still more anonymous here than in catholic Poland so I decided to take HIV tests right here.
I chose Charing Cross Hospital which has Sexual Health Clinic as well. I made an appointment a day before and went there on Friday. Would be a lie if I told you that I wasn't stressed...It has been one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life...
Sexual Health Clinic is completely different that the rest of hospital. It aims at young people- mostly through music. There are some electro sounds in the air that are going to make you feel more relaxed. Anyway, it's just an illusion. You simply can't chill out there.
People from the staff are more than nice. They support you while filling out the forms, offer some help whenever you need it and don't criticize you at all.
The most annoying thing for me was waiting....It took me about 2 hours to complete the whole process. I had to wait about one hour to see a doctor then- one hour to have my blood taken...and right now I need to wait one more week to get a text message with the results...
If you like stress, I strongly recommend to visit that place! Better than poker...
Anyway, I'm really proud of myself that I decided to go to the clinic so whenever you either have any doubts- don't be afraid...Everything is for people.

Keywords: hiv tests, sexual health clinic, charing cross hospital

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