89 Fawcett Road
Portsmouth PO4 0DB
+44 (0) 23 9286 4554

2.5 out of 5.0

Based on 6 reviews

  • Neighbourhood: Fratton
  • Type: Beauty Salons
  • Keywords: hair extensions
  • Nearest Transport: Fratton (0.21 mi), Portsmouth & Southsea (0.63 mi), Portsmouth Harbour (1.14 mi)
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March 06, 2013

I work in a hairdressers and was thinking about getting extensions for a long time, I brought clip ins but where my hair is in a graduated bob and thick you could see my real hair instantly. A friend reccomended me to go to elegant as she had the same problem as me and they done a brilliant job with her hair, so though i would give it a try,I went and got a weave done...WOW, my hair is multi-tonal due to highlights, the woman matched my hair so well you wouldn't even notice any colour difference and blended the weave into my hair so that you can't see any difference between my real hair and the extensions! Brilliant price too! Went back to my salon where many of the girls have bonded extensions and they have a said my extensions from elegant are the best and most natural they have ever seen!! Thank you so much elegant!!

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February 12, 2013

After growing my hair for years, & only wearing clip in hair extensions on special occasions . I Decided to have a weave for my birthday ,it was the most painful experience ive ever endured .The two members have staff kept me waiting for the appoitment booked, an hour later then scheduled. whilst doing my hair they were doing other clients as well .This was very unprofessional and unlike most salons you have to pay up front before they weave , nor are you offered tea/coffee while you wait. The price of the hair and the weave is more expensive than anywhere else offering this service after researching other salons. The owner here even has her children both under aged 7 and mother working in the shop .......were are the qualifications are certifcates for this ???? Isnt it is against the law for children to be working in this enviroment & obtaining money . ( taking out weave's)The owner of this shop in my experience is driven by moneyand inports the hair from vietnam. PRINCESS BELHAIR also in Fratton which offered an amazing service which you would expect in a salon .It was a wonderful experience which i would recommend to anyone unlike Elegance which i would highly advise to avoid disappointment.

Keywords: Hair Extensions (weave)

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February 08, 2013

I have had hair extensions for several years, and this shop was recommended, i booked an advance appointment and when i turned up i was told i had to wait as they were busy after waiting over an hour i have to say the experience was not happy one, i was brow beat into buying extensions however when put in the hair quality was poor and the staff unhelpful and uninterested when i complained.

The owner even had her very young daughter assisting and taking out extensions then expecting a tip.

I have to say this was a costly experience which left me with a bitter experience, the shop was just so unprofessional.

I would not recommend this shop or its services, its over priced and very unproffesional and i felt bitterly disappointed.

Keywords: Hair extensions

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November 02, 2010

I've been having my hair done here regularly for approximately 2 years. The girls are always professional and always do a brilliant job and give fantastic advice which means my last lot of hair lasted from february until I had it changed in october for my wedding, I just had to have it repositioned once as it does grow out a bit. The colour matches are always perfect, I have gone from very light blonde to dark brown and back to my natural colour with blonde highlights in the past 2 years and they've always managed to make my hair look natural and fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone and have done so many times over the past couple of years!

In answer to the previous review, having hair extensions, however well they are done, does damage your hair to some extent. This has never been an issue to me as my hair is very thin and does not grow past my shoulders anyway.

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September 21, 2010

This was my first visit to elegant and it wasnt good!!
When i first had my extentions put in it was to get pas the few months while my hair was growing just past my shoulders, they matched my colour up well, the staff member asked me if i wanted her to cut in the fron to match and make it look more natural so not knowing i agreed.
& weeks later i returned to have them out to find that they had ruined my hair i was left with hardly any hair left it was soo short and thin was totally ruined. was better off not having them done. I then tried to call the store to explain and asked for a refund they laughed me telling me it was my fault and tried to make me fell as if it was normal, I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS STORE, have taken it up with trading standards to get get a refund of my £95.00. DONT trust these peopel with your hair!!>

Keywords: hair. extensions, elegant, oprtsmouth, fake hair

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February 25, 2010

had my hair extensions put in, in Elegant, I was impressed by how well they matched my hair colour with the actual extensions, they were all very friendly and did an excellent job, i'm hooked now, i love my new lengh, people keep commenting on the fact that it doesnt look fake, which is great.

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