21 Chapel Market
London N1 9EZ
+44 (0) 20 7278 8100

Rooburoo offer food from all regions of India that is appropriate for anytime of the day. Snacks for when you're on the go, bites for when you're peckish and meals for when you're hungry.

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3.5 out of 5.0

Based on 2 reviews

  • Price: ££
  • Neighbourhood: Islington
  • Type: Indian
  • Keywords: conservatory, vegetarian dishes, indian, Curry, different
  • Nearest Transport: Angel (0.2 mi), King's Cross Thameslink (0.44 mi), King's Cross St Pancras (0.55 mi)
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September 03, 2008

I guess it seems like Rooburoo is a contemporary take on Indian, though I’m not sure if that's right. The food does taste different though, but really good. They claim to use in seasonal ingredients from local suppliers, claim to prepare their food the “home-cooked” way with no artificial colours or flavours, and claim to serve dishes from all over India making their menu more diverse than most.

My favourite 2 dishes so far: Lamb Pepper Fry (£8.45) strips of lamb, onions, peppers and semi dry tomatoes, served with separate sauce; and Naga Murgh (£7.75) chicken cooked with pickling spices, Mooli (Indian radish) and Naga Jolokia peppers, really hot, really good. I also order the Paneer Tikka Makhani every time, though don’t think it’s that impressive. I’ll keep this up to date as I try others.

They also have some great paintings on the wall, many with an interesting story, like the one of Dadabhai Naoroji the first Asian MP in Britain who was elected MP for Islington (then known as Finsbury Central) in 1892.

Keywords: indian, curry, different

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July 01, 2007

Although most people equate Chapel Market with food stalls, seedy eateries, cheap hair salons and McDonalds, Subway and Woolworths, it's actually a small mecca of good Indian food and recently Rooburoo opened.

This is Indian food with a twist. Although you can get the classic dishes like traditional chicken tikka or jalfrezi, they also have some unique dishes that have a slightly different flavour like chicken tikka malee which is cooked in sour cream, garlic and fenegreek. I don't find it spicy enough though.

The contemporary restaurant with equally modern Indian art seems to attract a good crowd which is great to see in what may be a turn for Chapel Market.

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