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GQS Solicitors Birmingham is a solicitor serving its local area in BIRMINGHAM. They offer legal advice. GQS Solicitors solicitor can be contacted on their phone number - 0121 7337070.

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incompetent solicitors - A GQS solicitor was assigned to me when I was accused of harrassing my ex-girlfriend. They made such a mess out of the case that I got 2 years probation on evidence that was purgered.

The facts are that at the time I was alleged to have harrassed my ex-girl friend by stalking her around shops I was at work.

I had a witness who lives in the same road as my ex-girfriend and he offered to give vital evidence that she had not been in residence in her flat for 4 months and that despite her claims she had not had a relationship with me he had seen her in my flat and witnessed her huggimg and kissing me on several occassions.

One of the key pieces of proof of a relationship with her was the fact that she planned to give me a television for a Christmas present.

The management of the case was handed over to Mendeep Baasi and this is a list of the blunders he made.

He failed to contact my witness to record a full statement.

Later my witness David Moore a lecturer at Solihuul College told me he was no longer able to be a witnesss because he had been stopped giving evidence by Brenda Sheils the principal of Solihull College because my my ex girlfriend was a student at the college at the time of the court case. When I told Mendip Baasi about that he told me nothing could be done about the matter. He should have requested a witness summons and reported Brenda Sheils to the Police for perverting the course of justice.

My physical description given to the Police was hopelessly out of date and this made it obvious that there was something seriously wrong with the evidence. Later it emerged that my girlfriends mother had made the initial statement on her behalf. This should have been reported as perverting the course of justice.

I had been the victim of an assault with a motor vehicle by my ex-girlfriends new boyfriend and because he is a CID officer no charges had been brought aginst him. Mendip Baasi said he would help me bring charges and get protection from Police harrassment but he did nothing.

In all my ex -girlfriend made 5 statemnts all of which contradicted each other on major points of eveidencebut nothing was done about this matter.

I visted the GQS offices on several occassions but only once was a solicitor available to see me despite the fact that on all but one ocassion I had appointmnets.

One week befroe the trial Ishtaq Qafir who was supposed to represent me in court told me I should write my own defence!

On the Friday before the trial I discovered that work rotas and a psychologists report had not been requested by GQS despite the fact that a fortnight earlier I had been assured they were already in the possession of GQS. When I visted the offices over this matter no solicitor was available nad the secretary told me she did not think the documents were neccessary so she had not bothered to request them!

At that point I was told that Ishtaq Qafir would not be available to represent me but someone from the office would be there!

At the trial a barrister appeared and told me it was unlikely there was going to be a trial because the CPS had no credible evidence. When the CPS insited on proceeding with the trial my counsel told me to plead quilty.

After I had pleaded guilty my counsel told me the clerk of the court had said he could not believe i had been advised to plead guilty given the fact that the bulk of the veidence was in my favour.

The CPS suggested that under the circumstances that they had just become aware that evidence in my favour had been suppressed by Police officer Helen Russell that there shopuild be a Newton hearing that would have drastically reduced my sentence, but my counsel said it wasn't worth bothering with.

A review by a probation officer was arranged and when he saw the evidence in my favour he said he couldn't believe I had pleaded guilty.

I went back to GQS office and managed to see the head of the practice Mr Guwal and he told me that Mr Qadir would get the sentence reduced to a conditional discharge.

At the sentencing bhaearing more evidence was introduced by the CPS including an absurd and false claim that I was been treated for schizophrinia and also that my so-called victim had been told by one of her neighbours that my name is whispered in dark places. What that staement meant I don't knopw but I am sure that it shouldn,t have been admitted in court.

Ishtaq Qafir's representation was so bad that instead of having the initial verdict of one years supervision reduced to a conditional discharge I got the sentence increased to two years supervision.

I went to the


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